Not My Kind of PayDay


Today’s been a doozer!!

On top of finally finishing our 2018 taxes today (Yes, we know they were due April 15th and its now September 30th) and realizing we owe lots of money in taxes + late fees……we got more “payday” news.

Just as I was posting my last house update, we got a notice that the condo we are living in just passed a special assessment that we get to pay!

Darn you condos on the beach that are so fun to live in and visit but cost lots to maintain and keep up with!

We’ve learned the hard way is that condos at about the 10-15 year mark need some serious maintenance that costs lots and lots of $$. Our current building needs its first new roof and it’s coming in at a whopping $257,000. We are the lucky winners of a special assessment to cover our portion.

Now I’m not doubting we need a roof here because after Dorian grazed on by, part of the current metal roof ended up on our patio all jagged and rusted and bent. But I am confused because the reserves are pretty strong in this building.

NOT my kind of payday.

Estimate Highs + Lows


In absolutely fantastic news, we got to see the estimate for the house on 9/22 — YES!!! And while it still needs a few tweaky things here and there for subs that weren’t in town or able to get in their new estimates in time, we gave the big thumbs up and said YES!!!

Let’s move forward and build this thing. Super excited and back on the building highs and excited about the project again!! Time to look at Houzz and get re-excited all over again + thinking about tiles + furniture + who’s coming over first as soon as we move in!

All we have to do is the finishing touches to the plans + permitting paperwork + submit for permits. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy right??? Lickety split this will be in the works + we’ll be clearing the lot in no time.

<INSERT Sierra’s Favorite Sound Effect> DUN DUN DUN!!!

Flash forward till today, Monday 9/30. No news yet on the finalized plans, that we need to have to submit for permits (and to start the month long timeline in motion again for our little beach town to review and approve the plans before we can clear the lot + start this house).

Omgosh, I know I know. It’s only been a week, but seriously….

All Bored Out


When McKenna was about 2 years old, we were on a walk and someone Craig worked with came by and said hi + stopped to talk to him. A few minutes into her chatting at Craig, McKenna was really annoyed and coined her phrase “I’m all bored out.”

Since then we use the phrase all the time, whenever we are bored or tired of waiting.

Today, I’m all bored out of waiting for a house to live in. Seriously all bored out. Fingers crossed the estimate is something we can do + then we can get going on permitting. Maybe 2021 we will have a house?

Till then, condo life it is.

Home Sweet Home 🏠

We’re on our way. Home Sweet Home!

OMGOSH. Bid Set it complete!! We’re about 90% there with the plans + we’re on our way to getting the estimate. SO excited!

With any luck we’ll have the estimate by 9/22 and can get the final plan edits complete the last week of September + submit them to Ponce for permits. Then if they do their magic in a month again, we may just be able to clear the lot by Halloween!!!