Clearing out the lot!


Oh happy day. They are clearing out the lot and WOAH is there a bunch of junk in there and it is looking like a little mountain of dirt. Can’t wait to see it fully cleaned up + leveled out.

This crazy piece of land seems so much larger that we expected now that all the trees + weeds + junk are knocked down too.



Permits are approved!!! With conditions…but whatever!

They are APPROVED. We can finally start! SO super duper excited.

Next up, before and after photos of the lot. Cannot wait to see that all cleared out soon. 🤩🥳😁

For our historical record on this journey…this is crazy how much the permits cost! It doesn’t even include the $3640 application fee. Good grief that’s a ton of money to get going 😳😳😂

Trees Louise


Darn it. Could it be true? Those crazy trees on our lot are the ONLY thing stopping us from starting the project? YES. Hopefully we can get moving without a perfect landscape plan.

It’s driving us nuts to see that overgrown lot of nasty Brazilian Pepper trees + weeds + who knows what else in there.

I’m wishing super duper hard we get approval this week and we can clear the lot and see what we’ve got!

Fingers crossed.