Bath Tubs + Kitty Doors


Sierra and I went on a bike ride this morning and peeked through the house. Only to find her bathtub sitting in a box upstairs. OMGOSH. If the tub is already delivered, that must mean more fun things are happening soon.

The last few weeks are huge — electrical, plumbing, HVAC — but not so much fun to watch because the house pretty much looks the same.

But now with the tub showing up, that might be a sign that fun things are on the horizon!

The Kohler Underscore Tub. Super simple. White. No funky swirly lines and whatnot on the sides. Why do so many tubs have awful swirls and whatnot on the sides?

We also spotted the Kitty door from the upstairs laundry room into the Master bathroom, so that Karl + Dmitri can easily run in and use the potty + get some water + then head on back to safety under our bed or snuggled into the pillows on top. Sure hope they use it! Or else we have a giant mouse hole in our bedroom wall 😂

Not much else new over at the house, but we could spot it from our bike ride down A1A, so that was fun too!

Social Distancing @ Mar Azul


What a week! Slowly but surely everything started closing this week in FL for the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic that is happening right now around the world.

The state of FL was issued a Safer-at-Home Order and the Volusia County Beaches decided to CLOSE (not just parking, but for walkers/bikers/surfers too!). The house seems to just keep cruising along though so far! We’re curious to know if it will slow down at a point or if we’ll have trouble getting materials at a point. Probably too hard to know just yet!

We went on a bike ride to check on the Mar Azul project this morning and peeked around and got some pix. The girls don’t think much happened since last week, but it looks like quite a few things did get done. The overhangs by the garages, hurricane bracing and plumbing all looks to be in the works and near complete! The windows don’t go in till the beginning of June, so we’re super curious what all will happen over the next 2 months.

UPDATE: As of about 1pm today, Volusia County updated the beach rules and Biking/Surfing/Walking/Jogging/Running — All are allowed again. WOOO HOOOO!!!!