I Spy With My Little Eye

Building With Block

A sneaky peaky of the Atlantic Ocean!

Craig climbed up on the scaffolding and took a pix of the view from where our first floor will be. And lookie there, you can see the ocean!

Now the funny part is that we don’t have any windows anywhere near there so once the house is built, bye bye!


Slab Pour

Oh good grief, we missed it. We totally missed the slab being poured. How did this happen? We stalked the lot all day Tuesday….but the wind and nasty weather were horrible so we figured it was a no go after our last visit about 3pm.

Today the weather is horrible again. Crazy gusts of wind + rain + freezing cold. For fun, Sierra and I drove by after we dropped McK at her after school activity. We expected to see nothing. And then we came around the corner and there were dudes everywhere. Cars all around. And they had poured the slab and were making sure it was all even and smooth.

Hysterical. Still cannot believe we missed it.

Best part was the guy who caught me taking pix, walked in front of me and said “You better not post this on Facebook. I’m wanted by the FBI.” 🤣

Okie dokie friend in yellow.

Looks Bigger From Up High

Stem Wall and Prep

More fun at the lot + playing in the dirt + digging up shells with the neighbors. All the neighbors are so awesome we really can’t wait to finish the house and move in!

Our neighbors across the street have an awesome balcony that looks out over the ocean + our lot. I’ve been so worried we are building a tiny house, that the neighbors said I should take a peek from above because it looks much larger from a different perspective. So I went up and took a pix from above.

Totally true! It looks way different up there and so cool. Can’t wait to see more from this view as the block starts going up too. The gigantic front yard on this house is pretty funny. Fingers crossed we find a good landscape company to help us keep all the grass and trees and plants alive that we have to put in!!!

Lemonade + Dirt = Fun

Stem Wall and Prep

More Dirt. More Shells. More Fun @ 9 Mar Azul.

After riding bikes to a lemonade stand in the neighborhood yesterday, we headed off to check out what was happening at the lot.

The girls found more shells again and had a blast playing in the dirt!

Looks like they are still excited about the house finally being built and hopefully moving into it in a little over a year!!! 🤞

Happy New Year

Stem Wall and Prep

Good Grief I haven’t updated this in forever. We totally missed the day that the concrete footers were poured. Jack took pix and Lisa shared them, so I need to get those posted on the site too!

New Years Eve we spent some time playing on the lot. The girls and the neighbor kiddos had fun digging for shells and discovering some huge ones in there! These are probably the most spendy shells ever. They came in with the dirt that was brought in for the lot. They weren’t just discovered there like beachy artifacts. But shells are shells and its always fun digging them up and seeing who finds the coolest ones!

I feel like at some point along the way in December we picked the flooring for the house too. I’ll post that to the finishes page! We went with the most white flooring we could find. Tile. 24×48 inches / large format rectangle. Super simple. Super modern. Cannot wait to see it go through the whole house!

Today is January 6th and we went by the lot to check out what’s happening on our way home from the bus stop. Looks like tons of plumbing is going in and prepping up the area to pour the slab soon. YEAH!

At least the girls and their friends and neighbors know we are serious and really building a house this time. Jack has this moving and grooving along and we are so excited!